Our ingredients are farm fresh and carefully sourced.

Basically, we get the very best ingredients we can get at any given time. The majority of the time this means organic and local, but not always. The best taste, nutrition, and freshness are usually found in the organic produce grown by local farms, but sometimes small farms have organic, sustainable, and responsible practices but still aren't certified "organic." 

The farms and produce suppliers we do business with have been thoroughly vetted for sustainable practices and respect for the land. All our meats are naturally raised, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, free range, and humanely treated.  Some of our friends are listed below.

Our food packaging is all made from recycled fibers and plastics, and majority of the waste we produce is compostable.  What isn't compostable is recyclable.

We don't have a microwave and we turn off the lights when we leave at night.

Capay Organic

Capay Organic