Deep River Snacks kettle chips, Bundaberg pink grapefruit, and Joe Teas

We've got some great new beverages and snacky side items in stock. We love experimenting with new brands and treating our customers to product choices they have never seen before, so here is the low-down on the new additions to the lineup:

We've got Deep River Snacks kettle chips in Rosemary & Olive OIl, Sour Cream & Onion, Sweet Maui Onion, and (my fave, though I admit it sounds a tad strange at first) New York Spicy Dill Pickle. These chips are all natural, gluten-free, and really full of flavor. There are more exciting flavors being invented all the time at Deep River so expect our selection to change from time to time. And don't worry, they are all delicious!


Australian-made, family-owned Bundaberg Brewed Drinks Pink Grapefruit is from their line of sparkling selections. Bundaberg says that only brewing can extract the maximum flavor from real ingredients. Do you know any hardcore Bundaberg fans? The awesome personalized labels the company offers would make a hilarious and much-appreciated gift, I'm sure.

We've also got Joe Teas in our beverage cooler! The flavors we have are Half and Half (half lemonade, half tea), Sweet tea, Peach tea, and Black tea, and like they say on their website, Joe Teas do just taste better than most other teas. The hard part is choosing which flavor to try.